WHOLE, finding Faith, Hope, & Love in the wake of Divorce

Drawing from real life experience, WHOLE walks you through the healing process. You will learn to recognize and process grief. You will be challenged to own your part, take the lessons, and fail-forward. WHOLE will lead you to discover more of who are, and let go of who you’ve been told to be. Divorce is not the end, it can be the beginning of a life filled with Faith, Hope, & Love.

WHOLE is a great tool for churches looking for relevant, grace filled, encouraging material for small groups or individual counseling. Together we can change the conversation surrounding divorce in the church and lead people to healing through grace.

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Available on July 3rd.

Perfect to read with your small group, a counselor, or on your own.

Small Group

Sharing the journey through and after divorce enriches the process. WHOLE is 12 chapters long with discussion questions at the end of each to get the conversations started. Each chapter also includes a mindful prayer to encourage the Spiritual connection.

Reading Alone

Some of us tend to be more private, or simply don’t have a group around us. That’s perfectly fine. The discussion prompts are also great for journaling. Grab a notebook and record your journey. If you need some support, contact me by e-mail at vicki@foundations-coaching.com

Read it with your counselor or pastor

Often in divorce we turn to a professional to guide us through. Our Spiritual leaders and professional counselors have the tools and training to help move you forward on your journey. WHOLE can be used a companion to shed light on some of the intricacies of divorce recovery.

Opinions and reviews

“This book is sure to serve a gap that is present in most traditional religious institutions and spiritual counseling related to divorce, and the lives affected by it. The practical explanations and advice offered individuals of faith, to grow and expand spiritually, through what most would consider one of life’s most difficult journeys, is refreshing and inspires hope for happy endings after all.  (The) suggestions for tapping into the miraculous healing resource of our Creative energy present in every living person, through the power of God, in all His forms, is inspirational.

~Mellissa Frassetto (Business Owner, divorced, single mother)

“WHOLE is a well-written book that supports survivors of divorce through the many hurdles of the entire process. It addresses the difficult topic of the role of faith in a divorce and the aftermath. The word of God is used well to illustrate how His love abides and all are welcome into His family, despite divorce. Written by a survivor and a Christian, this book is a comfort and a guide that can help a person who feels broken find their way back into the family of faith and being Whole.”

~Katherine Leibsle, LCSW LMFT (Professional Christian Counselor)

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