About Me


Vicki Losson

Certified Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach

I’ve been Helping people work through transitions since 2001. I’ve led small group and book studies, shared my story, and spent hundreds of hours listening to people going through difficult transitions, relationships, careers issues, and those bound by negative emotions. In 2019 I took this experience to the next level by training as a Lie Coach and Spiritual Life Coach. I apply my experience, training, and tools to assist and challenge my clients to create a vision for their lives; and make choices that support their vision. Whether it is a difficult relationship, transition, career issue or simply a longing for a deeper spiritual connection. I am excited to see what we will create together.

Email me: vicki@foundations-coaching.com

“Vicki provided a safe place or me to be candid and share my vulnerability. I would recommend her expertise.” –Mel F

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