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WHOLE finding Faith, Hope, & Love in the wake of Divorce

More than 1.5 million people file for divorce each year and 74% of them identify as Christians.

  • Spiritual purpose of intimate relationship (God’s vision)
  • Understand and heal from our misconceptions, assumptions, and limiting beliefs around love intimate relationships
  • Heal and forgive
  • Learn to do our part as we co-create with God the life we were created for
  • Gain insights into parenting, and step parenting
  • Learn to recognize and create healthy loving relationships
  • Know who to trust and how to trust ourselves
  • and much more

Drawing on real life experience, WHOLE walks those walks alongside readers through the healing process. WHOLE focuses on owning your part, finding the lessons, and learning how to move forward through forgiveness and grace for both you and your ex.

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Candid, relatable, insightful. Customized to your group, Vicki will bring your goals into focus.


This book is written specifically with with divorce recovery in mind. Drawing from experience, WHOLE walk the reader or group through the steps of healing and understanding the root of why you may have chosen the wrong partner to begin with.

Available on Amazon and Barns & Noble.
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A little bit about me…


I’ve been helping people work through transitions and find deeper truth since 2001. Through group studies, sharing my story, and hundreds of hours spent listening to people struggle through difficulty, I have walked with many people out of dark places and into a satisfying life. In 2019, I took this experience to the next level through training and certification as a Spiritual Life Coach. Today, I apply my experience, training, and time tested tools to assist and challenge my clients. Whether it’s a difficult relationship, a transition such as divorce or empty nesting, a life or career challenge, or a longing for a deeper spiritual connection. I am excited to see what you will create.

All the Best,
Vicki, CLC, CSL

What Clients Say

I was in the midst of some major transitions…I was struggling to find confidence in moving forward; especially in my relationships and work life. She gave me compassionate, insightful perspectives… she also encouraged me to use my intuitive and spiritual connections to lead and inspire my path. 

Melissa F

Vicki will get you to see things from a fresh perspective when needed and lead toward the things you want to achieve in a tangible way.

Karissa W