Foundations Coaching

What is your life built on?

Open the door to healthy relationships, purpose, and JOY.

Welcome! No matter how careful we are, we will face adversity of some kind, at some point. We we read stories of Jesus and his disciples healing people, but how do we lean into our faith for healing today? Whether you need healing form a divorce or other broken relationship or some trauma from you past, creating a deeper connection to The Creator can lead you to healing. I call this Functional Faith. It isn’t always instantaneous, but God, who IS Love, is still healing hearts today. You can move toward your goals and God given dreams. You were created by Love for Love and all of the Fruits of the Spirit.


Soul Coaching

For many of us, we come to a point in life where we question our faith. Maybe you raised in a family that followed strict religious guidelines, or practices that seem hollow to you now. In my experience, The Creator is always revealing new facets of the Devine, and feeling of conflict typically lead us to spiritual growth. While often these spiritual growth spurts accompany a big life transition such as empty nesting, or building a new family or step family, the truth is they can come at any time. I have helped people from 18 to 63 connect with the calling of their heart and make a realistic plan to get you moving towards your goals.

Divorce Recovery 1 on 1

Divorce is tough no matter your circumstances. I have been in your shoes, recovered, and trained in both life coaching and spiritual life coaching techniques.  Whether you were wearing a mask, walking on eggshells, or simply misunderstood in your marriage, you can get to the root cause and make changes for the life you want. Together we will walk through the steps of grieving, healing, creating healthy boundaries, planning, parenting, career changes and challenges, to create a foundation for a life you’ll love.  There is no timeline for divorce recovery, I suggest starting with a package of 6 session.

Self Discovery

So many of us were raised in the image of one parent or another. We were told from early on who we were. Labels such as smart, pretty, a jock, a brain, a princess, the fat kid, the motor mouth, and so on. But who are you really? What do you dream of being or doing? What really sets you soul n fire? Let’s talk about that. Let’s set aside all of the to-do’s that seem to be pressing in on us all the time, and start taking small steps into our true identity and value, while addressing the barriers that keep us from a full life.

A little bit about me…


I’ve been helping people work through transitions and find deeper truth since 2001. Through group studies, sharing my story, and hundreds of hours spent listening to people struggle through difficulty, I have walked with many people out of dark places and into a satisfying life. In 2019, I took this experience to the next level through training and certification as a Spiritual Life Coach. Today, I apply my experience, training, and time tested tools to assist and challenge my clients. Whether it’s a difficult relationship, a transition such as divorce or empty nesting, a life or career challenge, or a longing for a deeper spiritual connection. I am excited to see what you will create.

All the Best,
Vicki, CLC, CSL